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Accounts Receivable Analytics

Gain the clarity, agility and flexibility to eliminate friction from your supply chain.

Tungsten’s recent survey of 2700 businesses found 80% are still using manually intensive processes to get information. With Accounts Receivable Analytics you get an immediate overview of your invoice performance, tracking invoice progression all the way through to payment.

Tungsten Network Supplier Analytics

Tungsten Network Analytics is delivered as a comprehensive suite of simple to use online resources, accessible from virtually any device.  Use the suite to gain actionable insights into your sales, track payment cycles, analyse tax and gather greater invoice detail than ever before:


See a visual summary of all your invoice data. Reduce time spent on analysis and reporting. Track cash flow month by month.

Credit Control

Monitor and manage your cash flow. Identify how long it takes customers to pay. Check and fix errors on rejected invoices.


Analyse tax rates paid. View tax payments on cross border invoices. Check and correct incorrect tax rates.


Build reports focused on your business needs. Drill down into invoice data. Make timely, smart business decisions.

What’s missing from your Accounts Receivable?

Actionable insights.

Tungsten Network Supplier Analytics