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Italian e-invoicing mandate

With Tungsten Network as your Intermediary in Italy, you can rest assured that your electronic invoice transactions will flow seamlessly through the new process mandated by the Italian government, whereby all B2B and B2C invoices must be transmitted and received electronically.

The new process is based on the clearance system in use in some Latin American countries, where all invoices have to be routed through the government online platform for registration before being regarded as issued for tax purposes.

In Italy, all invoices will have to be in a prescribed XML format and must contain specific data.

The key dates for the rollout are

1 July 2018

All companies supplying gasoline or diesel fuel intended for use as a motor fuel and sub-contractors of suppliers to the public administration

1 September 2018

All “Tax Free Shopping” invoices – those invoices issued for goods supplied to private customers residing outside the EU

1 January 2019

A general B2B and B2C mandate that all invoices must be electronic

Whether you are an existing customer on our Network or are simply looking for help e-invoicing in Italy, you can rely on Tungsten to remove friction and deliver fully compliant straight-through processing for all your outbound and inbound invoices.

Not only will Tungsten Network guarantee invoice compliance, it will provide visibility into the statuses of your invoices, as well as offering cutting-edge reporting capabilities, analysis and 24/7 archiving for your e-invoicing in Italy.

Trust Tungsten Network to meet 100% of your Italian e-invoicing requirements.

You can get more information about the mandate in our recent blog post.