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Total AR: Automate Your Accounts Receivable Process

Remove outdated systems and manual based processes and improve your bottom line with one single integration.

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The Total AR Advantage

Dramatically increase invoice processing and credit collection efficiencies and drive down the cost of sale and time spend waiting for payment on your goods or services. Automating your AR process increases control over your working capital position. 


  • Stop manual integration process
  • Simplify complex integrations
  • Intelligently manage sending invoices
  • No more costly integrations with customer or government portals


  • Comply with current government mandates
  • Get ahead of future government mandates and be compliant
  • Let the compliance experts handle this for you
  • Transact compliantly in more countries than any other trading network


  • Clear invoice visibility
  • Know exactly when your invoice has been received with electronic delivery
  • Know when your invoice is due for payment
  • Reduce your Day Sales Outstanding, releasing cash to the balance sheet

Send 100% your outbound invoices electronically through a single provider, regardless of the invoice submission methods.

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Here's How Total AR Works

Total AR puts you in control!

One file in, any channel and format out

  • Invoice Creation
  • Delivery Method
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Archive
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Invoice Creation

No matter what ERP you use to create your e-invoice, we integrate with any of them to simplify the invoice creation process

Delivery Method

Tungsten Network handles delivery of your invoices so they get to where they need to go, and you have full transparency throughout the entire process no matter the delivery method:

  • Integrated portal
  • Government portal
  • Network to network portal
  • Link to the invoice
  • PDF attachment (and link)
  • Print and post

Reporting and Analytics

Get reports on invoice delivery status, amount owed, when the payment is due to be made, and an alert if the customer misses the due date, meaning less time spend chasing customers and more time on strategic activities.

Keep all of your invoices in one location for quick and easy reference.

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