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Register for Tungsten Network

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Download (PDF version): Register for the Tungsten Network

Video Transcript: Register for the Tungsten Network

Welcome to the Tungsten Network portal. This portal is a secure platform that will help you to submit all your invoices to your customers and much more. This video will show you how to register to get started right away. Depending on which link you clicked on to get to the portal registration page, the information to register is located under the REGISTER button - if you see this button, please click on it now. Once you click register, you will be shown a form to fill in. Either way you are in the right location to register.

Please fill in the 3 fields. Once the field has been accepted, you will see a green check mark.

When filling in Company name, if we have your firm in our system, the name should populate. If we do not have your name in the system, you will see the "No data found", please click here to input your details.

If your company name details were found, you will be taken to the company confirmation page. After reviewing it, if it is correct, please click on “I confirm”. Need to make changes? Please either click on "No, re-enter manually"" or "Search Again". This registration process is key to ensuring your invoices are submitted properly and legally compliant.

If you clicked on "No, re-enter manually", you will be taken to the full registration page. Please complete the mandatory fields as indicated on the registration page (these mandatory fields are denoted with red asterisks). Remember to make a note of your username and password as you will need it to access the site for all future credit and invoice submissions.

If you clicked on "Search again", you will be taken back to where you started the process.

As you scroll down the page filling in the mandatory fields, please slide the verification box. The next step is to review and accept our Terms and Conditions by ticking the box. You may click on the blue hyperlinks to be taken to the various pages for our Terms of Use. The pages will open in anew window so you can easily get back to finish registration. Once you have filled in the relevant fields, please click "SIGN UP" to complete the registration process.

For more information, and to view more videos, please visit the Help & Support section