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Upload invoice files (Integrated Solution suppliers only)

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Video Transcript: How to upload invoice files to the Tungsten Network portal

Welcome to the Tungsten Network portal. In this video I will show you how to upload an invoice file. This is video is for Integrated Solution suppliers.

If you have chosen to upload your invoices to the Tungsten Network via the portal, go to the invoicing menu and select "Invoice File Upload". From this page check the file extensions you have agreed with Tungsten Network. Click "Select" to upload a file from your computer. Your invoices will appear on the invoice status page within 60 minutes.

If you Buyer allows you to add attachments and your file indicates you wish to do so, you can do this from the invoices pending attachments page. Your invoice should appear on this page within 10 minutes of submission. If you are not adding attachments, your invoice will be sent automatically. Find your invoice by adding the invoice number to the search field or sorting the invoice’s awaiting attachments table by the various column headings.

The "Hours To Automatic Release" column shows how many hours remain before that invoice is sent. When you have found your invoice review the file types your Buyer accepts in the files type’s column. Click "Select" to add the file or files you want to attach from your computer.

Once uploaded, you can see your documents in the attachments count column. You need to release your invoices with attachments to alert us that they ready to be processed. Tick the box by the relevant invoice and click the "Release" button at the bottom of the table. Alternatively, your invoices will be sent with or without attachments depending on your settings. If you want to change these settings, contact Tungsten Network support via the "Help & Support" pages.

In this video I have shown you how to upload an invoice file and add attachments. You may play this video as often as you like to become more familiar with the invoice file upload part of the Tungsten Network portal.