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We’re helping you towards digital transformation and Environmental sustainability

Unilever has taken a strategic decision to migrate suppliers to electronic invoicing with our business partner, Tungsten Network, the world's largest electronic trading network. E-Invoicing forms part of Unilever's on-going efforts to enhance the way we do business and increase efficiency within our Accounts Payable.

Sustainability is central to Unilever's core values and e-Invoicing is a key component in our ability to reduce paper and increase efficiency. Unilever's Paperless Invoice initiative supports our key environmental “green” sustainability goals.

Increasing efficiency to serve you better

E-Invoicing is Unilever’s chosen method and we expect all suppliers to switch to e-Invoicing by February 21, 2019.

Benefits that count

  • Early invoice validationEarly invoice validation
  • Fast invoice deliveryFast invoice delivery
  • Invoice status visibilityInvoice status visibility
  • Predictable paymentsPayment on time

We are confident that you will experience significant benefits to your business when you begin e-Invoicing. Some of the benefits include:

  • No cost (free) for suppliers who send up to 52 invoices annually
  • Guaranteed invoice delivery, eliminating lost/misrouted paper invoices
  • Greater visibility of your invoice status and ability to track payments through the Supplier Portal
  • Fully automated invoice data processing, leading to On Time Payments
  • Complete & Secure Tax, Digital Signing and Archiving compliance (where legally required)

One e-Invoicing platform, two solutions

Tungsten Network offers two simple solutions for organisations of any size to send invoices electronically. There is no hardware or software to install - Get started today.

IntegratedIntegrated Solution

Tungsten Network Integrated Solution accepts a data file from your accounting system (for suppliers who send a high volume of invoices to Unilever)


Web formWeb Form Solution

Tungsten Network Web Form invoice solution (for suppliers who send a low volume of invoices to Unilever)

Join Unilever on Tungsten Network today

Tungsten Network is Unilever’s chosen method to receive e-Invoices.

If you have already been in talks with the Tungsten Network enrolment team, please direct any questions to them and they will register you for the service that suits your company's needs.

Enrol now