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Transform your invoice data into a competitive advantage

Tungsten Network Analytics gives you greater visibility into your supplier invoices, which can lead to smarter spending. Buyers use analytics to improve procurement controls, ensure contract compliance, and reduce costs.

A few of the benefits you’ll realize

Make better buying decisions

Leverage a unified view into company spending.

Data is one thing, actionable insights another

Analyze invoice line-level data in real-time.

Easy to get started

No data cleansing or data mapping. Be up and running with Tungsten Network Analytics in just 48 hours.

Simple and secure

Nothing to install. Just easy-to-use, cloud-based software in a secure environment.

Customized reports

Customizable, real-time reporting. Define what you need.

Insights anywhere

Accessible from desktop, tablets, and mobile – empowering busy decision makers and teams on the go.

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