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Tungsten Network Workflow for SAP Accounts Payable

Tungsten Network is an SAP Partner and Tungsten Network Workflow for SAP Accounts Payable is an SAP certified solution. We can process all types of invoices, whether they are received on paper, as email attachments, as fax server faxes, or dropped into watched folders and processed using advanced capture, or are delivered as true e-invoices from suppliers.

SAP Accounts Payable

Tungsten Network Workflow leverages SAP data, business rules, and security models in a real-time, live, seamless manner, therefore eliminating the need to develop one-off custom integration.

Accounting, treasury, financial management, auditors, and other personnel with appropriate security permissions can drill down directly from SAP to look at the invoice image and other associated documents via Tungsten Network’s certified ArchiveLink integration. Documents are all securely managed by Tungsten Network to ensure SAP availability and performance.

SAP Partner