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Tungsten Network Advanced Capture

Tungsten Network Advanced Capture (TNAC) is a step into the future. Coupled with ERP integration, TNAC allows you to scan Accounts Payable invoices and intelligently recognise and capture key data, without using templates. This data is passed into Tungsten Workflow to initiate invoice processing. If you also use Tungsten Network’s auto-match products, your invoices can be matched against purchase orders and/or receipts.

Tungsten Network Advanced Capture (TNAC)

Key Features of Tungsten Network Advanced Capture

  • Data is validated against your ERP data on the fly, verifying that correct vendor information and purchase order information is captured before exporting to Tungsten Network Workflow for processing
  • Knowledge-based OCR: no templates required
  • Watched-folders: monitor and automatically OCR documents when they are added to a network folder
  • Email-capture: monitor email addresses and automatically OCR incoming email messages and/or attachments
  • Browser-based user interface: no desktop software to install
  • Automatically classifies, separates, sorts and extracts data from documents in paper, fax and electronic formats