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Faster, guaranteed invoice delivery

Tungsten Network delivers e-invoicing solutions to global, complex, and trusted businesses:

We’re helping the world’s suppliers go digital. Join us.

We process, translate, enrich, and validate the data before delivering your invoice directly to your buyers in any country in the world. We then archive your invoices to meet regulatory requirements. 

Guaranteed invoice delivery

You can send electronic invoices no matter what format your current invoices are in, and know when they’ve been received.

Full visibility of your invoice status online

From confirmation of receipt to final payment – no more chasing accounts payable.

Invoice financing options

Tungsten Network Early Payment lets you get paid when you want for the invoices you choose.

Network effects

We run the largest compliant business transaction network in the world. If you have one buyer on our network, you probably have another. Our search feature lets you find them.

Secure archiving

All your invoices are digitally signed, encrypted, and stored within the Tungsten Network image archive, where you can access them anytime.

Purchase order conversions

Save time and effort by simply converting purchase orders directly into invoices through Tungsten Network.

Concerned about e-invoicing in India?

Learn more about the Indian e-invoicing mandate and what it means to companies trading in India


Calculate your potential savings on invoices sent

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Source: We use data from the E-Invoicing/E-Billing report by Billentis, which is based on actual customer cases. Download a free copy of the Billentis report here.

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