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Frictionless E-invoicing in Italy

A value-add invoicing process for you and your Tungsten Network customers

Tungsten Network delivers e-invoicing solutions in Italy for

Why Tungsten Network?

You likely found an intermediary to satisfy the legal requirements of the SdI, however, becoming a member of Tungsten Network provides you and your customers with added benefit. Tungsten Network operates the largest compliant e-invoicing platform globally, keeping your invoice data safe and secure. When you switch to e-invoicing, you will benefit from:

Instant invoice validation

Tungsten Network validates the invoice against Buyer rules allowing you to be notified of errors before the invoice is sent to the SdI resulting in fewer invoice exceptions

Expedited payments processing

Your customer can process the data delivered by Tungsten Network directly into their accounting system which means that they can process your payments more quickly

Real-time status

No more phone calls or emails to an AP help desk. You can track the status of your invoice via Tungsten Network to see when you will get paid


As a registered intermediary, Tungsten Network will ensure your network transactions are processed through the Sistema di Interscambio (SdI) keeping you informed of any errors identified by the SdI in the process

Convert POs into invoices

No more keying in invoices. Tungsten Network allows you to receive purchase orders and convert them into invoices at the touch of a button


All your invoices are digitally signed, encrypted, and stored within the Tungsten Network image archive, where you can access them anytime

An intermediary satisfies legal requirements. But Tungsten Network takes it one step further.

SdI Direct

Tungsten Network

Invoice validation specific to your customer
Validations to ensure your invoice is compliant
Invoice Status Service via Tungsten Network portal
Data directly into your ERP system
Convert Purchase Orders into invoices
Options to suit your business: Online web portal or direct integration