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No one likes waiting to get paid, now you don’t have to

You've submitted your invoice. Now the waiting game to get that invoice processed and paid begins. The terms prohibit early payment from your customer. But what if that payment could be in your bank account almost instantly? Then, you could put that working capital in use.

Take control of your cash flow and receive payment how and when you want with Tungsten Network Early Payment

With Early Payment, Tungsten Network suppliers decide when to get paid at a minimal cost.
Without all the paperwork. Without jumping through hoops. Without delay.

Easy to enroll

Get started with quick, one-time enrollment and simple activation.

Easy to use

Simply select the approved invoices you want paid early and when you want them paid.

Get paid early, whenever you want to

Within one business day

Receive payments how and when you want with
Tungsten Network Early Payment

Tungsten Network Early Payment is easy to use and understand. We do not take advantage of Early Payment on a regular basis, but on a particular occasion when we needed to pay a supplier, we took Early Payment on an outstanding invoice and we received the credit sooner. This provided us with a lot of flexibility and reassured us that our suppliers will always be paid on time, even if our clients may be late processing their invoices.
- Alonso Jose da Silva , ‎International Technical Manager

We would recommend Tungsten Network Early Payment system to other companies because we know how much it’s helped our situation. It’s helped us as a company to move on to bigger projects.
- Michelle Burnage , Abacus Industrial Flooring