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Total AR

All your invoices delivered

Invoice submission has become more complex as customers demand invoices be submitted in a multitude of formats through a plethora of different channels, not to mention global government mandates putting more pressure on processes.

With Total AR you can automate 100% of your accounts receivables through a single connection delivered in the preferred format and distribution method of your customer’s or governments globally.

The three pillars driving Total AR

Manage your customers

Stop manual or complex integration processes and intelligently manage how your customers receive invoices.

Let the experts help with Compliance

Government mandates are on the rise globally. Get ahead of the compliance demand before it happens

Clear invoice visibility

Electronic delivery means you'll know exactly when your invoice has been received and is due for payment

How it works

Finance teams will benefit from enhanced visibility through monitoring of the invoice data and statuses through a single portal - Dashboards show delivery status, amount owed, when payment is due to be made, and an alert if the customer misses the due date, meaning less time spent chasing customers and more time on strategic activity.

Customer onboarding and auto-enrollment - 87% of all documents sent are converted electronically.  Your dedicated account manager will work with you to ensure that you achieve the highest conversation rate from paper/pdf to electronic

  • Multi-Currency
  • Dunning letters and reminders
  • Interoperation - Networks and Portals
  • Auto enrollment
  • Validation and enrichment
  • Single sign on in 15 languages
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Reporting dashboards


Business Outcomes with Total AR

Guaranteed Invoice Delivery

Reduction in Late Payments

Improved Customer Relationship

Faster Cycle Time, Faster Payment

Enhanced Collection Efficiency

No Added IT Integration Costs

Local Compliance Through a Single Connection

Less Exception Handling

Improved Cash Flow

No Re-Keying Into Systems and Portals

A scalable solution that grows with you to fully automate your accounts receivable process. Make your AR department strategic

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