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Convert purchase orders into invoices

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Download (PDF version): Convert purchase orders into invoices

Video Transcript: Convert purchase orders into invoices

Hello, this video was designed to show you how easy it is to submit invoices and credit notes by utilizing the PO Convert method via the Tungsten Network portal.​ To begin, click "My POs" located in the main menu bar at the top of he page.

The "My POs" page gives you the ability to search for purchase orders that have been delivered to Tungsten Network from your customer. You can manage your purchase orders by moving them to a different status within the "My PO summary" section. Updating the status of your purchase order allows you to confirm which purchase orders are open, closed, rejected or archived. When your purchase order is newly created or updated by your customer, it will appear in the new or pending status. Tungsten Network will send an email confirming the purchase order is available in the portal under the "My PO summary" section. After reviewing the email, you are ready to begin.​

Please search for your purchase order on the left side of the screen. Prior to completing the search, please ensure to select your customer or customers from the drop down menu. Once the report is run, all purchase orders in the status selected will be shown at the bottom of the page. ​You also have the ability to select the blue hyperlinked text available under "My PO summary" section. Once a selection is made, all purchase orders in the selected status will appear at the bottom of the page.​

Select the purchase order by clicking the blue link located on the left side of the page next to the purchase order number. ​It’s important to review the purchase order details prior to accepting your purchase order. If the purchase order contains invalid or missing information, it may be best to reject the purchase order and notify your customer. If the purchase order has been fulfilled and no longer will be used, move the purchase order to the archived status. If all purchase order details are valid, click "Convert PO".​

The "Invoice number" field allows entry of your invoice or credit note number. Once your document’s number has been entered, tick the box located next to Net amount. This will allow you to select the PO line items you would like to include in your electronic invoice or credit note. ​Partial billing is accepted; please adjust the quantity only as the unit price has been fixed and should not be changed. ​

Tungsten Network processes invoices submitted by users that span the globe. It’s important to ensure tax is referenced on your invoice correctly. If operating in a region where tax is referenced at the line item level, please select the tax type from the drop menu. Next, enter the tax amount. If operating in a region where tax is referenced at the summary level of the invoice, you will have the option to enter the tax amount prior to previewing and submitting your invoice. ​

Tungsten Network allows you to submit invoices against the same purchase order. Please ensure to use a unique invoice or credit note number for each submission. ​

Click "Create invoice" once all PO line items have been selected.​

Please confirm that you have selected the correct purchase order line items to be included in your invoice or credit note. If not, please click "Back". If all information shown is valid, click "Confirm" to proceed to the final page.​

Please enter your name, phone number and email address in the "Your detailssection. Next, enter the name, phone number and email address for your customer in the "Who you are invoicing" section. ​Tungsten also gives you the ability to save contact details within the "Create invoice" page. Please click the blue circle located in the "Your details" and "Who you are invoicing" sections. Once contact details have been entered, please exit out of the text box to continue.​

If the shipping location is different from the invoice from or invoice to location, please enter the correct shipping details in the appropriate fields. If you are not shipping products, please bypass this section. To enter shipping information, tick the box. To add a shipping address to your profile to be used for future submissions, please click the blue circle located next to the "Company name" field. Once shipping details have been entered, please exit out of the text box to continue.​

Please expand the Additional header field if additional header information is required by your customer. Once details such as bill of lading, delivery note number and cost centre have been entered, please move to the next section.​

It’s important to update your invoice date, payment due date and delivery date by selecting the calendar located in the "Invoice details" section. This will ensure your date is in the correct format upon submitting your invoice. Some regions of the world require a tax point date. If operating in one of these regions, you will be required to reference this mandatory data in the "Tax point date" field. Your currency and purchase order number should not be changed. The invoice or credit note will be validated against the purchase order details available in the Tungsten Network system. If header and line level details do not match the purchase order data, your invoice is subject to rejection by Tungsten Network.​

If submitting a credit note, it’s important to ensure your document type states "Credit note". If not, please select "Credit note" from the drop down menu under documents type located in the "Invoice details" section. Once "Credit note" has been selected, please ensure to provide the original invoice number, date and reason for your credit note submission. ​

The "Invoice items" section does not accept negative values in the quantity or unit price fields. In other words, the system will not allow the entry of negative signs. When the line items are saved, the document will be treated as a credit note. The gross amount will not reflect a negative value.​

It’s important to note again, line items details should not be modified. These details were provided to Tungsten Network by your customer. These Good or Service lines can only be modified to provide additional information and/or a date range. For example, work performed between January 1st and January 15th. It’s best to follow standard invoicing practices when referencing line item discounts and/or entering additional information at the line item level.​

Adding Special Line items are allowed. Special line items are not listed on your purchase order. If you feel an additional normal line item should be added to your purchase order, contact your customer directly. Request that your PO is updated and resent to Tungsten Network. Once your purchase order has been updated, it will be available under "Pending" in the "My PO summary". If you would like assistance with updating your purchase order, please create a support ticket via the "Help & Support" page. Tungsten Network is more than happy to contact your customer on your behalf.

Please remember to add your attachment prior to submitting your invoice or credit note. Please do not attach an additional copy of an invoice. Attachments should be used for supporting documentation only needed to approve your invoice. ​

The invoice summary contains the net, tax and gross. If you are in a region of the world where tax is referenced at the line level, tax type and amount were entered after the purchase order was accepted. If you are located in the region of the world where tax is referenced at the summary level only, please enter the full invoice or credit note tax amount at this time. Please "Preview" prior to submitting your invoice or credit note. ​

As you can see, converting your purchase order via "My POs" page is very easy. You are encouraged to use the Help & Support page if you need assistance navigating the Tungsten Network portal or are experiencing a technical issue using the site.​

For more information, and to view more videos, please visit the Help & Support section