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Spend Matters

How e-invoicing fits AP Automation, P2P, e-Procurement, Trade Financing, Compliance, and Vendor Management

There is a lot of confusion about how e-invoicing and supplier networks fit into the overall Accounts Payable, Procurement, P2P, Treasury, and risk management equation.

  • What are the touch points between AP automation tools and e-invoicing solutions and networks?
  • Will e-invoicing help with managing our vendor file information and keeping it up to date?
  • Should I look at e-invoicing as part of purchase-to-pay systems or distinct from them?

If you are considering investing in e-invoicing or just keen to learn how to modernize your finance role listen to this webinar with Jason Busch, founder and managing director at Spend Matters, and David Gustin, executive editor at Trade Financing Matters, where they address their most frequently asked questions on this topic.