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Establishing the Foundation for World-Class Performance: Presented by Shelley Davies of BT

Businesses are all on a journey to improve the way they do business – with a goal of reaching world-class performance. Finding routes to adding value and building the foundation that enables intelligent decision-making are the key drivers on the journey.

Shelley Davies, Director, Process Excellence and Automation at BT, has been working with customers on their P2P transformation for over 15 years.

Watch this webinar replay where you’ll hear Shelley’s tips for success on your journey to world-class performance. In addition, we cover:

  • How automating your invoice processes can accelerate your journey to world-class performance.
  • Balancing the considerable pressure to extend DPO whilst remaining compliant to the Prompt Payment Code.
  • The challenge of effectively engaging your supplier landscape to ensure high adoption rates.
  • Achieving 80%+ e-invoicing rates – without mandating.

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