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Sopra Steria provides its suppliers greater visibility of Invoice and Payment status with Tungsten Network

The Sopra Steria organisation is made up from the following companies: Sopra Steria Limited, Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL) and NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS).

As part of Sopra Steria's on-going efforts to enhance the way we do business, we are actively urging all suppliers to switch to electronic invoicing with Tungsten Network. Sopra Steria is collaborating with Tungsten Network, the global electronic invoicing platform, and the changes we are implementing will see the end of paper as the means of receiving and managing Accounts Payable, with electronic invoicing becoming the standard.

As a current supplier to Sopra Steria, Tungsten will support your move to e-invoicing by offering flexible options for submitting e-Invoices that accommodate a wide variety of supplier sizes, systems, and processing needs. There is no need to install any hardware or software or change the way your systems are configured.

Crucially, the Tungsten Network satisfies the demands of VAT/TAX administrations across Europe and North America who have accepted the removal of the need for a hard copy invoice for companies who use the Tungsten service.

What it means for you

By joining Tungsten Network, you will experience greater efficiencies from Sopra Steria's Accounts Payable department. This initiative is key to our strategy moving forward and we are confident you will see significant benefits to your business.

Benefits that count

Registering on the Tungsten Network, you will experience greater efficiencies from Sopra Steria's Accounts Payable department processing your invoices. We are confident you will see significant benefits to your business including:

  • Fast, guaranteed invoice delivery - invoices are received automatically and securely
  • Early invoice data validation - Tungsten Network validates your invoice data so they are approved promptly
  • Payment on time - improve your cash-flow and plan ahead with confidence
  • Secure, 24/7 invoice status - view your invoice status when it's convenient for YOU
  • Greater visibility of your invoice status - reduces the need to call AP by up to 60%
  • Predictable payments - improve your cash-flow and plan ahead with confidence.

One e-Invoicing network, two solutions

Tungsten Network, the world's largest electronic trading network, connects buyers and suppliers around the world. With no hardware or software to install, Tungsten Network offers two easy methods to electronically send your invoices:


The Tungsten Network Integrated Solution that accepts a data file from your accounting system (recommended for suppliers who send a high volume of invoices)


Web formWeb Form

The Tungsten Network Web Form invoice solution (recommended for suppliers who send a low volume of invoices)

Join Sopra Steria now on Tungsten Network

Sopra Steria's e-Invoicing program means that every supplier should register with Tungsten Network today. If you have already been in talks with the Tungsten Network enrolment team, please direct any questions to them and they will register you for the service that suits your company's needs.

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