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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has announced an important change in our accounts payable process that will ensure our valued suppliers are paid promptly. In 2007 the Department of Veterans Affairs entered into a relationship with Tungsten Network, a global provider of electronic invoicing. With Tungsten Network, all Department of Veterans Affairs suppliers will now be able to securely submit invoices directly from their existing billing systems. All suppliers can easily participate without changing their existing invoicing formats. In addition, by submitting invoices electronically through Tungsten Network, Department of Veterans Affairs suppliers will experience prompt payment with reduced exceptions.

Your participation is vital to ensuring that the Department of Veteran Affairs can offer the most efficient and highest quality invoice processing possible, while moving to a paperless invoice processing environment in accounts payable.

Your participation in this existing process is required in order to continue providing products or services to the Department of Veteran Affairs in compliance with the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act of 2010 (IPERA) and Mandate AN97. The rule mandating electronic invoice submission was published on November 27th, 2012, and has an effective date of December 27th, 2012.

Mandate AN97 can be located on the Federal Registry.

VAFSC's vendor conversion plan will ensure a timely and smooth transition from "paper" to electronic invoice submission. As part of the plan, vendors can begin conversion immediately upon contact by VAFSC or their respective representatives.


Send Electronic Invoices From Your Existing Billing System


Unlike other options in the marketplace that require you to send specific invoice formats (frequently requiring your IT department to remap your existing layout), Tungsten Network will pick up any flat text invoice format, any invoice data layout, and through any communication method of your choice. What this means is that you can now send electronic invoices from your existing billing systems.


Benefits Of Using The Tungsten Network E-invoicing Solution:

  • Guaranteed invoice delivery – Delivery of invoices directly into the Financial Service Center (FSC) payment system and routed nationally for approval, reduction of invoice receipt inquiries
  • More predictable payment – we can process electronic invoices much faster than paper
  • More streamlined, fewer exceptions – Elimination of mail processing time, postage, data errors and lost or misplaced invoices
  • Improved cash-flow management – our process is more transparent; you can check the status of your invoice and when you will be paid
  • The ability to store and retrieve invoices – through Tungsten Network ’s online archive
  • No installation of hardware or software required – not cost-prohibitive

While making the invoice submission process completely electronic, the VAFSC would also like to expand on their electronic payments. To this end, an Automated Clearing House (ACH) enrollment form can be found at the Bureau of the Fiscal Service following a search for ‘3881’ or within the FAQ guide.

ACH Offers significant advantages:

  • Reduced deliver time for payment funds, eliminating unpredictable postal system delays
  • Automated payment generation through our accounting systems, reducing the likelihood

In 2018, the VAFSC will be implementing Tungsten Network's Invoice Status Service - more information can be found here.


What Happens Next?


The below communication details the next steps and key requirements needed to allow us to process the data efficiently and to terms.


Two Service Options Available


There are two primary methods for sending Invoice and Credit transactions via the Tungsten network:

Integrated Solution: A supplier can send a data file directly to Tungsten Network via automatic upload.

Web Form: A supplier can create invoices on-line via the Tungsten Network portal.

  • If your company elects for a Web Form Account (Quicker access time and Portal based):
    • Step 1: Select “Register” at the top of this page.
  • Most general questions are answered in our 2-minute video about registering.
  • Your Taxpayer ID Number Must be provided and registered with the System for Award Management prior to receiving a “Ready to Transact” notification with VA.
  • SAM is not affiliated with Tungsten Network.
  • Accept the terms and conditions to using the Tungsten Network.
    • Step 2: Tungsten Portal Home Page.
  • Follow directions to complete your company details
  • An orange box requesting your company details is present on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Ensure that Addresses and information match your SAM registration.
  • Remittance Address is required.
  • Ensure you left click “SAVE”, if successful a green box will appear at the top of the form stating; “Company information updated successfully.”
    • Step 3: Request a connection to the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Select [Customers]
  • Select [Connect with a Customer]
  • Type “Veterans”
  • Select “AAA544240062 – Department of Veterans Affairs”
  • Select [Connect]
  • A confirmation will appear with a Tungsten Support Ticket Number. The time Tungsten strives to respond to your ticket will be stated.
  • Please be advised the VA FSC Vendorizing Team in Austin must confirm your registration against SAM records. This process can take up to 5 business days.
  • Once confirmed, you will receive a “Ready to Transact” email from Tungsten granting access to invoice the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Please be advised if you select [Invoicing] -> [Create an Invoice] you currently have access to the Tungsten Test Buyer account. This account is to view your invoice format and submissions and is not transmitted to the VA.

The current account and transaction fees associated with the Tungsten services are paid by the VA-FSC. Free transaction code (s) are not required.

During Implementation (Technical Set-up) Tungsten will confirm your Tax Payer ID Number with the VA-FSC. This process can take up to 5 business days to complete to ensure your invoice is automatically routed to your Certifying Official for approval and payment.

In order to successfully submit an invoice to VA-FSC please review “How to Create an Invoice” within the how to guides below.

All invoices submitted through Tungsten to the VA-FSC should mirror your current submission of Invoice, with the following items required.

***Clarification of additional requirements should be confirmed with your Certifying Official***

The VA-FSC require specific information in compliance with the Prompt Pay Act and Business Requirements.

  1. Your companies Tax Payer ID Number (TIN).
  2. Your companies “Remit Address” information.
  3. A valid in scope Purchase Order (PO) provided by your contracting officer.
  4. Your companies contact information: (Personal Name, Email, and Phone).
  5. Your VA point of contact information: (Personal Name, Email, and Phone).
  6. If providing services; The period of performance dates (Begin and End).
  7. If providing goods; The “Ship To” information of the VA facility.
  8. All discount information if applicable (Percent and Date Terms).

For Further Help


Frequently Asked Questions

E-invoicing Comparison Chart

Watch our short video tutorials to tour the Tungsten Network Portal and learn how to use its key features:



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