Welcome to electronic invoicing for Fresenius Medical Care

FMC has partnered with Tungsten Network to provide a simpler way for suppliers to submit invoices

Fresenius buyer entities in scope for e-invoicing with Tungsten Network

Please use this list to ensure that you have established the correct trading relationships on Tungsten Network to invoice Fresenius.

TN Number Buyer Name Company Code
AAA177927332 Fresenius Management Services, Inc. - Test Buyer - Seed 0000
AAA781892914 FMC - RTG/GMO (Plants/Manufacturing) - Test Buyer 0051
AAA668277726 Fresenius Management Services, Inc. 0010
AAA621457860 RHC (FMS Corp) 0030
AAA761692292 Physicians Practice Service- FMC 0031
AAA550646202 FMCHP (FMC Health Plan = ICM) 0035
AAA386866321 RTG/GMO (Plants/Manufacturing) - FMC 0050
AAA705433126 Spectra - FMC 0055
AAA695211185 Corporate - FMC 0090
AAA480403153 PO Holding Account 00DA - FMC

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