Welcome to electronic invoicing for Sanofi

Sanofi has partnered with Tungsten Network to provide a simpler way for suppliers to submit invoices

How to use PO Services

This service offered by Sanofi and Tungsten Network enables you to view your purchase orders (PO) electronically, download or simply convert them into tax-compliant invoices.

Please click here to check which Sanofi entities are displaying their POs electronically through Tungsten Network at this moment. We advise you to check this link regularly as we are working on expanding the e-Invoicing service across Europe.

When you are raising invoices against Sanofi POs, please consider the following elements in order to allow for faster processing and payment:

  • State the Sanofi PO line number on each of the corresponding lines of your invoice
  • Ensure the perfect matching of the invoice with the PO using the ‘PO Convert’ service
  • Ensure your invoice dimensions/ descriptions match our PO dimensions/ descriptions (e.g. unit of measurement, currency, etc.)

Please also review the section ‘How to create an invoice/ a credit note’ for details on how to best use the POs for your invoice creation.

Please click here if you are invoicing Sanofi through the Tungsten Web Form.

Please click here if you are invoicing Sanofi through the Tungsten Integrated Solution.


Save time and effort by simply converting your PO directly into an invoice through the Tungsten Network portal. Creating your invoices this way requires minimal additional data to be entered. You simply accept your PO and convert it, whilst Sanofi can quickly match the invoice to the PO, which speeds up the invoice processing and payment.

The following short tutorial video shows you how easy it is to view your Sanofi POs and to convert them into invoices:

Frequently Asked Questions

    We have just established the connection to a new Sanofi entity through Tungsten but can't view their POs?

    As there is a number of system jobs validations, which need to be performed before your POs can be interfaced to the Tungsten portal. Please allow up to 5 working days for the POs to be displayed in the Portal.

    Can I use the PO Convert function if I receive Ticket numbers from Sanofi?

    The PO Convert function is only available for POs/ PO numbers. Please click here to understand the differences between Sanofi PO and Ticket numbers.

    If I had a partial delivery, can I issue the invoice accordingly?

    Tungsten PO Convert allows you to adjust the invoice quantities to match your partial delivery. In the event of partial shipments suppliers can use PO Convert multiple times for a single PO. Tungsten Network portal provides simple tracking of any previous invoices generated via PO Convert – this means you can be sure about remaining quantities to invoice.


In order to allow for a faster processing payment, Tungsten will check all invoice data sets provided by suppliers using the Integrated Solution against the Sanofi PO data base, which will validate the following information:

  • The PO number quoted is corrected
  • Invoice line item numbers match the PO
  • Only one PO number is quoted per invoice


    Does my invoice data need to match the Sanofi PO data?

    Yes, we strongly recommend using the same details (e.g. line level structure, unit of measure, currency, unit price etc.) for your invoice as we use in our PO. Should any of these elements differ in the invoice compared to the purchase order, this may cause the need of manual processing/ verification/ approval which may result in the delay of your payment.

    We have just established the connection to Tungsten Network, can we access our POs and send invoices immediately?

    As there is a number of system validation jobs, which need to be performed before your POs can be interfaced to the Tungsten portal, please allow up to 5 working days for them to be displayed in the portal.

    Can I see a list of my POs in the Tungsten Portal?

    Yes, your POs are interfaced from the Sanofi systems on a daily basis.

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