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Important Links for Tungsten Network On-Boarding and Registration

HP Tungsten Network Quick Reference Guide

Full list of HP Inc. entities on Tungsten Network

Tungsten Network Invoicing vs. Paper Invoicing

How to register

Important Links for Tungsten Network Invoice Submission

Tungsten Network Portal Video Tutorials

Tungsten Network Web Form Invoice Submission Guide

HP Invoice Requirements by Country

Best Practices for Invoice Submission

Best Practices for Entering PO Number in Tungsten Network Invoice

Procedure for Sending Attachments

How to Check Tungsten Network Invoice Status and Invoice Reporting

How to resubmit a failed invoice on Tungsten Network Web Form

PO Number Best Practice

Important Links Related to Support

Tungsten Network Portal Video Tutorials

How to Raise Tungsten Network Support Ticket

For more information on e-Invoicing

Please access HP Supplier Portal

What's New

As part of HP Inc. Finance Automation and Transformation Program, we would like to announce an important change to the way that HP will process invoices from its suppliers. HP requires all suppliers that are still sending paper invoices to submit invoices electronically via Tungsten Network. Subject to the terms of your written agreement with HP, your participation in this program is required in order to further HP’s business relationship with you. HP Accounts Payable no longer accepts paper invoices from your company unless otherwise expressly provided for in your written agreement with HP. Instead, electronic invoices will be the only route to initiate successful payment. As a result it is critical that your company take all necessary steps to utilize Tungsten Network in place of paper invoices.

Payment Terms

Please be advised that the payment terms under standard purchase order terms and conditions have changed from net to end of accumulation period (EOAP) terms. This change does not override payment terms governed by a written purchasing agreement with HP. Please see Supplier Portal for more information.

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HP Tungsten Network Quick Reference Guide

The HP Tungsten Network Quick Reference Guide is a simple document that highlights the key points of HP's Tungsten Network e-Invoicing program. It can be used as a quick reference for suppliers who are new or already part of HP’s Tungsten Network e-Invoicing program.

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Adoption of Tungsten Network e-Invoicing

You can use Tungsten Network to send invoices electronically to the following HP Inc. entities.

US Suppliers that are submitting invoices to HP Enterprise Services - US Public Sector accounts supporting federal contracts are not permitted to utilize Tungsten Network and are exempted from Tungsten Network requirements for state & local contracts.

If you would like to find out if your HP purchase orders are pertaining to HPE Services US Public Sector accounts and if Tungsten Network can be utilized, please contact your Global Procurement contact and he or she will be able to advise you further. HP will contact you separately in the future when Tungsten Network can be utilized in submitting invoices for US Public Sector accounts.

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Key Features of Tungsten Network e-Invoicing

  • Quicker and guaranteed delivery of Invoices.
  • Variety of solutions to allow both high volume and low volume suppliers to participate.
  • Free e-invoicing for most suppliers – if you send 52 or less invoices per year, Tungsten e-invoicing is totally free.
  • Cost efficient e-invoicing for suppliers that send a high volume of invoices, including 520 free transactions per year.
  • Verification of transmission success or failure via Tungsten Network.
  • Opportunity to raise invoices electronically regardless of your technical sophistication.
  • No installation of hardware or software required
  • Data can be submitted in any format to Tungsten Network when using the Integrated Solution method.
  • Tungsten Network is compliant with national tax legislation

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How does my business benefit from e-invoicing?

  • Secure and guaranteed invoice delivery, no more invoices getting lost in the post
  • It will take us less time to process your invoices and therefore we will be able to pay you on time
  • No more delays due to missing information, landing on the wrong desk or manual intervention
  • ANY-TO-ANY DATA FORMATTING Technology - there is no need for additional software or hardware
  • Higher processing transparency and better Cash Flow Management due to 24/7 access and reporting
  • VAT compliant, regardless of where invoices are sent from or received
  • Easy and cost efficient to send invoices - at any time

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Tungsten Network e-Invoicing options

There are 2 primary methods for sending Invoice and Credit transactions via Tungsten Network. A supplier can either

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How do I get started?

For further questions, please contact: [email protected]

For any issues during registration, please contact the Tungsten Network Supplier Enrolment Team using the email address listed above. Please note that they should only be contacted for issues faced during Tungsten Network registration and enrolment. Please refer to Service Support once you are registered and face issues when using the Tungsten Network application. Otherwise, please click here to watch Tungsten Network Portal Video Tutorials.

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Do I have to pay any fees to use Tungsten Network e-Invoicing?

Tungsten Network provides all new suppliers 52 free transactions when registering with the Tungsten Network Web Form. At the end of your first anniversary, if you have not used all of your free transactions, we will replenish your account back to 52 invoices for you to use during the next 12 months. If you use all 52 free invoices and need more during this 12-month period, you will be required to purchase your first batch of transactions (minimum 25 invoices).

This means, for suppliers sending 52 or less invoices per year, the service is completely free.

There is a small cost associated to each transactions if you need to send more than 52 invoices via the Tungsten Web Form per annum.  Also, for suppliers looking to automate e-invoicing using the Integrated Solution, there is an annual membership fee and a fee per transaction, however, Integrated Suppliers will also receive 520 free transactions per annum.

Pricing for Tungsten Network is set by Tungsten Network and all fees are billed by and paid to Tungsten Network. More details about Tungsten Network's fees/tariffs are published on

Click here for Integrated Solution fees:
Click here for Web Form fees:

HP expects from vendors to bear the e-invoicing costs per standard business practice.

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How do I know if my Invoice/Invoice File was successfully delivered by Tungsten Network to HP?

  • Tungsten Network sends an e-mail confirmation to you informing whether the invoice/invoice file has been accepted by Tungsten Network for transmission to HP.
  • Tungsten Network assigns a transaction number for every successful submission to Tungsten Network. This 15 digit transaction ID is unique for every invoice submitted through Tungsten Network and begins with AAA or BAA, example: AAA000005236987.

You can find this number by accessing your account at

  1. Log into using your Tungsten Network log-in and password.
  2. Under the heading "Reporting", select "Invoice Submitted"
  3. You can either specify your criteria or leave all the filters as they are and run the report.
  4. A report showing all invoice numbers and Transaction Ids will display.

Alternatively, you can check the status of your invoice by accessing the "Invoice Status" option under the Invoicing menu. This will provide the status of the invoice with the transaction number.

Refer to the document How to check Tungsten Network invoice status for detailed instructions on the reporting activity mentioned above.

Invoice Receipt date

Once your invoice is successfully submitted via Tungsten Network and it has status as DELIVERED, it may take up to 24 hours for the invoice to be received by HP.
HP policy is to pay based on invoice receipt date.

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What data must be included on the invoices when submitted via Tungsten Network?

Refer to the document Best Practices for submitting invoices Different HPI Entities to understand the data requirements on your invoice. Please select your invoicing region (HP “Bill To” address where you are sending your invoices) to know the essentials to be provided while submitting invoices to HP. For Web Form suppliers, please also refer to Tungsten Network Web Form Invoice Submission Guide for details.

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What is a PO validation and how to ensure invoices passed PO validation?

PO range validation is the HP initiative to ensure that all Tungsten Network invoices submitted by suppliers contain PO numbers in the correct ranges. For non PO invoices, it includes validations to ensure invoices contain the HP contact name and email address.

How do I place PO properly on the invoice to pass PO validation?

Please click here to review the documentation which helps a supplier to input correct PO number while submitting invoices through Tungsten Network.

Only the PO number should be quoted in the PO field. No extra information or suffixes should be entered.

PO validation guide will also help the supplier to input the PO number at the right place and for more information please click here.

Suppliers using the Web Form should provide the required information as detailed in the attached guide. Suppliers using the Integrated Solution should contact Tungsten Network Support ( to ensure that supplier profile is mapped to provide the required information.

For invoices which failed PO validation supplier would receive an email notification. To check the status of your invoices please refer to this document. If you do not receive Tungsten Network email alert, please raise a support ticket at

Click here to watch Tungsten Network Portal Video Tutorials.

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Service Support

Who do I contact if I have registered with Tungsten Network and I face production issues such as invoice submission issues?

Once you have registered with Tungsten Network, please raise a ticket with the Tungsten Network Support Team via and your ticket will be responded in 2 business days. Refer to the Tungsten Network Ticketing guide for more details on how to raise a support ticket.

Click here to watch Tungsten Network Portal Video Tutorials

Who do I contact for any invoice status/payment status related queries?

For any invoice status/payment related queries, please ensure that you check the status of your invoices on AP Online. If your invoice is not available in AP Online or if you have further questions about your invoice, please contact the HP Customer Response Center. Please provide the 15 digit Tungsten Network Transaction Number to the HP CRC Team for further investigation.

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To discuss the electronic invoicing initiative and its importance to HP, please either contact your HP buyer/requestor, or HP's e-Invoicing team at [email protected]