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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tungsten Network provides electronic invoicing, analytics, and workflow solutions to companies around the globe. For more information about our products and services please visit our website.

  • Tungsten Network’s ‘any-to-any’ solution handles all the data mapping requirements and ensures that all supplier invoices are delivered in the format that a customer’s accounts payable system requires.

    • Secure and guaranteed invoice delivery, no more invoices getting lost in the post
    • It will take less time to process your invoices
    • No more delays due to missing information, landing on the wrong desk or manual intervention
    • ANY-TO-ANY DATA FORMATTING Technology – there is no need for additional software or hardware
    • Higher processing transparency and better cash flow management due to 24/7 access and reporting
    • VAT compliant, regardless of where invoices are sent or received from
    • Easy and cost efficient to send invoices – at any time
  • Tungsten Network is web-based, therefore all you require to access the e-invoicing platform is a browser and internet access.

  • Tungsten Network offers two types of invoice delivery; an integrated solution and a web form solution.

    The Integrated Solution enables suppliers to send their invoice data in any format directly to our accounting system. This integrates your current billing system into Tungsten’s e-Invoicing network so that data is transferred without manual intervention; this solution has an annual membership fee plus a transaction fee if you exceed the number of free invoices which this solution offers.

    The Web Form solution allows you to manually enter data into Tungsten Network’s secure online form. If you choose to use the web form solution you are not required to pay a set-up or joining fee to start using this service. You will receive a number of free transactions; if your invoicing requirement exceeds the free transactions, you will be able to purchase more.

  • The membership fee covers the cost to Tungsten Network for setting you up on their network and the general costs of maintaining the network. The membership fee is an annual cost regardless of the number of customers that you invoice via the network.

  • Yes, regardless of the solution you choose, you will be required to accept Tungsten Network’s terms and conditions.

  • Tungsten Network allows you to send electronic invoices to any other customers that are using the network once you have enrolled.

  • If you experience any functional or technical issues while using the portal or during registration, please contact Tungsten Support teams by raising a ticket or emailing: [email protected].

    • Tungsten Network sends an e-mail confirmation to you informing whether the invoice/invoice file has been accepted by Tungsten Network for transmission to HP.
    • Tungsten Network assigns a transaction number for every successful submission to Tungsten Network. This 15 digit transaction ID is unique for every invoice submitted through Tungsten Network and begins with AAA or BAA, example: AAA000005236987.

    You can find this number by accessing your Tungsten portal account.

    1. Log into www.tungsten-network.com using your Tungsten Network log-in and password.
    2. Under the heading “Reporting”, select “Invoice Submitted”
    3. You can either specify your criteria or leave all the filters as they are and run the report.
    4. A report showing all invoice numbers and Transaction Ids will display.

    Alternatively, you can check the status of your invoice by accessing the “Invoice Status” option under the Invoicing menu. This will provide the status of the invoice with the transaction number.

    Refer to the document HP Tungsten registration and invoice submission guide for detailed instructions on the reporting activity mentioned above.

    Invoice Receipt date

    Once your invoice is successfully submitted via Tungsten Network and it has status as DELIVERED, it may take up to 24 hours for the invoice to be received by HP. HP policy is to pay based on invoice receipt date.

  • Please refer to this document to understand the data requirements and the key information on your Tungsten invoices. Please be reminded to provide a valid PO number and to indicate the correct Ship to address on your Tungsten invoices.

  • PO range validation is the HP initiative to ensure that all Tungsten Network invoices submitted by suppliers contain PO numbers in the correct ranges. For non PO invoices, it includes validations to ensure invoices contain the HP contact name and email address.

    How do I place PO properly on the invoice to pass PO validation?

    Please click here to review the documentation which helps a supplier to input correct PO number while submitting invoices through Tungsten Network.

    Only the PO number should be quoted in the PO field. No extra information or suffixes should be entered.

    Suppliers using the Web Form should provide the required information as detailed in the attached guide. Suppliers using the Integrated Solution should contact Tungsten Network Support to ensure that supplier profile is mapped to provide the required information.

    For invoices which failed PO validation supplier would receive an email notification. To check the status of your invoices please refer to this document. If you do not receive Tungsten Network email alert, please raise a support ticket at www.tungsten-network.com/support.

  • Once you have registered with Tungsten Network, please raise a ticket with the Tungsten Network Support Team via www.tungsten-network.com/support and your ticket will be responded in 2 business days.

  • For any invoice status/payment related queries, please ensure that you check the status of your invoices on AP Online. If your invoice is not available in AP Online or if you have further questions about your invoice, please contact the HP Customer Response Center. Please provide the 15 digit Tungsten Network Transaction Number to the HP CRC Team for further investigation.

Important links for Tungsten Network on-boarding and registration

Important links for Tungsten Network invoice submission

  • HP Tungsten registration and invoice submission guide
  • Best practices for entering PO number in Tungsten Network invoice
  • How to contact customer response centre for invoice payment status
  • Best practices for sending attachments

For more information on e-invoicing, please access HP Supplier Portal.

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