Welcome to electronic invoicing for Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb is phasing out paper invoice processing by expanding the use of electronic invoicing with our selected partner provider Tungsten Network.

Bristol-Myers Squibb buyer entities in scope for e-invoicing with Tungsten Network

Please use this list to ensure that you have established the correct trading relationships on Tungsten Network to invoice Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Tungsten Network Account Number Entity Name Country Company code VAT Reg. No.
AAA974140519 BMS International Corp. Belgium 0061 BE0415033504
AAA777160219 BMS Pharma Belgium SPRL Belgium 0463 BE0446512378
AAA600265607 SA BMS Belgium NV Belgium 0053 BE0403075184
AAA109597120 Bristol-Myers Squibb spol. s r.o. (0124) Czech Republic 0124 CZ43004351
AAA334898178 Bristol-Myers Squibb Denmark, filial af Bristol-Myers Squibb AB, Sverige (0405) Denmark 0405 DK20315407
AAA390724888 Oy Bristol-Myers Squibb (Finland) Ab (0101) Finland 0101 FI01071193
AAA731427712 UPSA SAS (0115) France 0115 FR40803247956
AAA651975245 BMS Investco SAS France 0238 FR94407846195
AAA042038992 BMS Holdings France 0506 FR36444162911
AAA895809622 Soc. Fran du Comp l(SOFCA) France 0066 FR31592061881
AAA897123188 Bristol-Myers Squibb France 0581 FR56562011742
AAA270990260 B-MS EMEA SARL France 0240 FR69491285037
AAA763289972 BMS Europe Strat Sourcing France 0360 FR81411482268
AAA790558480 UPSA Conseil France 0202 FR74330897802
AAA668258585 BMS Hldg Germany GmbH Germany 0185 DE129308813
AAA157890401 Bristol-Myers Squibb GmbH & Co KGaA Germany 0044 DE129308813
AAA639293455 Bristol-Myers Squibb Kft.(0126) Hungary 0126 HU12659993
AAA127901072 Lawrence Laboratories Ireland 0070 IE9Z51399V
AAA182328138 BMS Pharmaceuticals Ireland 0054 IE8B58124I
AAA173983198 Swords Labs - Ireland Ireland 0072 IE9Z70594B
AAA499935245 Bristol-Myers Squibb S.r.l. Italy 0062 IT01726510595
AAA033826504 BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB DE MEXICO, S. de R.L. de C.V. Mexico 0511 BMS021213KG9
AAA137448320 Bristol-Myers Squibb B.V. Netherlands 0059 NL001193375B01
AAA402492060 Bristol-Myers Squibb Norway Ltd (0119) Norway 0119 NO925604186MVA
AAA052620911 Bristol-Myers Squibb Polska Sp z.o.o.(0468) Poland 0468 PL-5262643500
AAA628416182 Bristol-Myers Squibb Services Sp z.o.o.(0526) Poland 0526 PL-5262667707
AAA559681812 Bristol-Myers Squibb Marketing Services SRL (0549) Romania 0549 RO26302045
AAA827708538 BMS Romania SRL (0598) Romania 0598 RO39157419
AAA243664687 Bristol-Myers Squibb, S.A. Spain 0141 ESA28042463
AAA769779299 Bristol-Myers Squibb Aktiebolag (0052) Sweden 0052 SE556092988601
AAA378467609 Bristol-Myers Squibb Business Services Ltd. United Kingdom 0131 GB783245709
AAA242672947 BMS Pharmaceuticals Ltd. United Kingdom 0034 GB163542667

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