Welcome to electronic invoicing for Mohawk

In addition to E-invoicing, Mohawk now enables Purchase Order Delivery (POD) via Tungsten Network. This functionality allows Mohawk to send Purchase Orders directly to your ERP system or your Tungsten Network Portal. Contact us at [email protected] and learn more about this service.

Integrated Solution

Our Integrated Solution is designed for organisations that send a high volume of invoices. It offers a fully automated process that extracts invoice data directly from your billing system and delivers it directly into your buyers’ finance systems. We then process, translate, enrich and validate the data before delivering your invoice directly to your Buyers in any country in the world.

  • Transmit data in virtually any format from your accounting system directly to Tungsten Network
  • No manual intervention – fully automated invoice processing
  • Track your invoice status with 24/7 access to real-time reporting
  • Quickly connect and transact with your other customers on the Tungsten Network
  • Access Early Payment options
  • Every Integrated Solution account receives 520 FREE invoice transactions per year*. Once you have used these transactions, the prices below will apply.

*We will replenish the free invoices back to 520 on your renewal date.

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